Dear Telugu Bible Readers,

contactThis page is created for your valuble comments and suggetions.  You can share your ideas , good web site links or any content related to christianity. It is your page you can share anything which  glorifies the mighty GOD. Whatever you share here that will be presented in a special manner in the next page.

Thanks in advance for spreading GOD’s word.

With Love,

427 Responses to Share


    The Bible is ester day , to day , tomorrow shall useful of our life to entering the heaven

  2. sam pobbathi says:

    The bible lite for peple

  3. samson says:

    this is truth

  4. P s kumar says:

    Whitefield p s kumar – the Book which gives Basic Instructions all to go to heaven

  5. joshuvareddy says:

    Tulugubib parsudda grsndhamu

  6. karthi says:

    Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  7. karthi says:

    so nice real fact in all our life

  8. mounika says:

    Its very nice praise the lord and god bless u

  9. Bhaskararao Thota says:

    deudu mammu deevinchu gaaka.
    santhosamga undi

  10. stalin says:

    Bless you

  11. saidha rao says:

    very nice keep doing

  12. gondela.ramarao(prabhudas) says:

    very very nice.hallelujah.god bless you all team & your spiritual family. Am enjoying on duty daily. Thanks a lot. Praise the lord

  13. ramarao(prabhudas) says:

    praise the lord god bless you

  14. Johnb709 says:

    This kind of game gives a real experience of building a farm and planting trees. bckecfcecdce

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