Dear Telugu Bible Readers,

contactThis page is created for your valuble comments and suggetions.  You can share your ideas , good web site links or any content related to christianity. It is your page you can share anything which  glorifies the mighty GOD. Whatever you share here that will be presented in a special manner in the next page.

Thanks in advance for spreading GOD’s word.

With Love,

475 Responses to Share

  1. Venkatalaxmi says:

    Please the Lord sir vishranti dinam anty yemti,yenduku acharinchali, bible lo ye ye sandarballo acharincharo vivarana dvara plz

  2. P A John says:

    P. A. John. From Kuwait.
    Thank God for Telugu Bible in my computer.
    God bless all persons who are all supporting the Web siight

  3. S.M.PrasadRao, says:

    Thank u brother for create Telugu bible in net.

  4. yalamanchili srinuvasu says:

    very very than q brother ,bible softare pettinandhuku

  5. eedhi devuni maya,manam sarirulam ga unna varaku theliyadhu devudu ela untado & eela endhuku chesthunnado.(anni mathala vallam papam lo padi thelivaina vallala ceppukuntu andharam kalisi devuni kosam funny

  6. soujanya says:

    i am everything bleesd in tha name of the jesus.i loved my jesus .plze preyar for my family.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Let us Join everybody to Exalt our Almighty GOD!


  9. srinivas says:

    పవిత్ర భైబిల్ను నెట్లో అందించినందుకు మీకు నా దన్యవాదములు

  10. harshavardhan says:

    hai kurapa garu mee faincial ga chala ibadulo vunnam ee prblms poyela ga preyar cheyagalaru naa peru harshavardhan

  11. mary sireesha says:

    daya chesi yesu siluvalo palikina 7 matalani net lo anuvadhinchandi

  12. mahesh says:

    7wagdhanalu emiti

  13. RAJESH says:

    praise the lord thank you to all because i can able to read in my office time any day and every day thankq all…

    @praise the lord@

  14. m.murali krishna says:

    పవిత్ర భైబిల్ను నెట్లో అందించినందుకు మీకు నా దన్యవాదములు.

  15. Anil Kumar says:

    Praise The Lord thankQ to you all because i can able to read in my office time

  16. krupa says:

    sir praise lord
    i want Rujudarshini telugu book .. where can i get this book please send address

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