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contactThis page is created for your valuble comments and suggetions.  You can share your ideas , good web site links or any content related to christianity. It is your page you can share anything which  glorifies the mighty GOD. Whatever you share here that will be presented in a special manner in the next page.

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  1. madhu says:

    prayer for my mother suffering from liver cancer……i believed jesus will saves her

  2. Charles Samson says:


  3. Telugu bible says:

    We want download this

  4. sudarshanam says:

    Telugu bible

  5. Raju says:

    Hi everyone. ..
    This is Raju.. naku oka problem undi adi miru solve cheyagalarani ankuntunanu.. nenu (Hindu)… oka ammaini love chesanu thanu (Christian)…. thanu kuda love chesindi.. memu love cheskum 7 yrs nundi.. memu chala ante chala love cheskunam peli kuda cheskundam ankunam.. so ala ani (Kalisam kuda) sudden ga thanaki marriage chesaru balvanthamga… istam lekuna chesaru… valaki bayapadi cheskundi… cheskuna abbai (Men ) kuda istamledu na lover ni cheskodam athanu kuda thapaka cheskunadu marriage valla kosam… so na problem anti ante… na lover lekunda nenu undalenu so thanani divorce tisko nen cheskunta ani ante thanu antundi bible prakaram divorce tiskovodu… tiskunna mali peli cheskovadu adi thappu antundi… nenu mathram thane kavali naku ani antunanu… thanu mathram vodu nanu marchipo antundi… nenu thatukoleka pothunanu… sucide attempt kuda chesanu… thanu mathram ranu nen cheskolenu Jesus ki kopam vostundi ani antundi….mere alago chepandi nanu m cheyamantaru… ekada istam leka 3 persons chala chala bada padutunam…. nenu thanu already kalisam mali peli cheskoni athanitho kalvadam thapu kada ala mosam cheyadame avthundi kada… thanaki ani vidaluga chepina artham cheskovatle…. na problem ki solution istarani ankuntunanu… naku Jesus ante chala istam but a Jesus ki ela na problem chepukovalo naku artham kavatle… thanu lekunda undalekapotunaaa… mere algaina help cheyandi pls pls pls plsssss

    • Hai bro,

      What happen in previous you should leave. why because she got married with others in bible there was word “Vivahamanadhi Ganminadhi” its finished. Now god has given u ah chance to change ur life. Don’t go for suicide attempts if have done directly you goes to “HELL”. But GOD is not accepting ur suicide he needs you to be a Role Model to others. As a brother am telling you have loved for 7yrs. But your parents are loving you more than that for 25 yrs, don’t try to loose there happiness. Be perfect in your life try to go to church once in a week and ask GOD I want to prove myself, don’t want to be a failure. I should success in my life. That makes you a very different person. Praise the Lord Shalom.

  6. H RAJ KUMAR says:

    Very good to providing all things related to BIBLE

  7. ramya raj kamal says:

    Yes Ursula, he is very rich..but not in money.he is rich in his amazing qualities like love,grace,patience,humble,forgiveness,gentleness etc etc..he is the only god who sacrificed his life for the sin people..its enough to say that he is a wonderful god..and u are saying that churches are asking money..y they are asking?? Jesus said people should give 10% of their yearnings to church..they are not asking for enjoying or something..please don’t talk like this about our creator..

  8. solomonraju says:

    nice sir chala chala bhagundhi devuni vakyam eappudina eakkadina chaduv kotaniki chala easy ga vundhi i love this site

  9. krishnna taneti says:

    Please send bible

  10. I. Iove Jesus prizeload

  11. npala says:

    bible chadive dantlo pichi pichi advertisement books petteru bagaledu vere granthalu chaduvudham anukunte chedu kuda kanipistunnai evarayya niku cheppendi ela petta mani

  12. sreeramulu says:


  13. pavan kumar kamatham says:

    మీరు రూపొందించిన ఈ “sajeeva vahini తెలుగు బైబిల్” చాలా అద్భుతంగా ఉంది. దీన్ని మాకందించిన మీ సంస్ధవారికి నా హృదయపూర్వక నమఃసుమాంజలి. pavan

  14. ursula says:

    The Bible is valid only for Jews, not for other people, because only aa jew can betray a jew and sell him for some silver coins, likeJudah did, or say that he doesn’t know Jesus, as the st peter did 3 times said, no, i don’t know him Ursula , other relions do not have this in them and only Cristians are said to not have any other god, but they all have other GOD AND its MONEY! a new God. Without money you can’t go to church, they ask for money in churches. What’s MONEY got to do with religion, Jesus’s attitude towards money is well known when he said to those money changers in the church and told them to go away from the church, sending them out of the church!!
    Money money must be funny in Jesus’s life. How much money did Jesus own? Was rich in money? Very rich in money? All the money of the world wouldn’t be enough for Jesus?

  15. why should not open sajeevavahini telugu online bible ?

  16. ప్రియమైన క్రైస్తవ సహోధరులకు విజ్ఞప్తి. నాపేరు సురేష్ కృష్ణ. మీరు రూపొందించిన ఈ “sajeeva vahini తెలుగు బైబిల్” చాలా అద్భుతంగా ఉంది. దీన్ని మాకందించిన మీ సంస్ధవారికి నా హృదయపూర్వక నమఃసుమాంజలి.

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