Telugu Bible Resources

Other telugu bible online resources are listed below :

Read and download Telugu Bible online.
1. Read Bible Online (Search, Compare, Copy Text and Study).
2. – English and Telugu parallel Bible   
3. Facebook App for Telugu Bible – By Sajeevavahini
4. Download e-Sword Telugu Bible (Old and New Testimonies)
     –  Special thanks to and
     –  Unzip the file and install Telugu_Bible9.exe first then install Esword9.exe
     –  Restart the computer after installation.
5. Download bible software “The Word” and  Telugu Module
      – Sofisticated bible software with enhanced  facilities and can be installed on USB disks
      – Telugu  module can be downlaoded from here or at
6. Mobile Version- Read Online  or Download(Telugu)
     –  Download Jar and Jad Files for Java  Phones 
     –  Zip file for the PC (Unzip and run the file ‘UnboundBible’- No installation is required)
7. An Amazing Search Tool-  by Vincent Bible Search  
     –  Step 1: Select Telugu
     –  Step 2: Type  Devudu SPACE lokamunu SPACE entho SPACE  and click on search.

History of Bible

1. The Bible History – Source: (English)

Visit Web | Download File

2. History Of The Bible with world events – Source: (English)

Flash Version | Text Version

3. చరిత్ర పుటలలో బైబిలు – Source: G.Nobel (Telugu)

Download PDF | Read Online

4. Bible Translations & Christianity in A.P – Source:

i) తెలుగు బైబిలు అనువాద చరిత్ర | Download
ii) ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ కు క్రైస్తవ్యం ఎలా వచ్చింది? | Download


Media Links


1. Telugu Audio Bible

R.R.K Murthy

2. Telugu – Audio Bible (New)

– Anna Global Ministries

3. Telugu Daily Audio Bible

Scriptures reading

4. Listen Audio Songs


5. Telugu FM Radio Online

By Salvation TV


1. Subhavartha Channel

2. Velugu TV




Other Links

1. Christian Answers




Dear friends please provide us good links if you have.

797 Responses to Telugu Bible Resources

  1. Solomondena says:

    i am not able to open Holy Bible in my computer. Can you please help me? my mobile 98480 37650

  2. Telugu Christian Lyrics and MP3 songs web site:

    Telugu Christian Lyrics and Bible app: VerseView (search in iOS or Android). Download the app and change the default language from Malayalam to Telugu.

  3. Enoch says:

    Telugu Christian SongBook and Bible app: VerseView (in iOS and Android). Download the VerseView app and go to settings and change the default language from Malayalam to Telugu . Please add to the resources.

    Also, here is a good Telugu Christian Lyrics web site:

  4. […] Telugu Bible Resources Telugubible – android apps google play, Amazing read bible telugu language telugubible amazing read & study telugu bible telugu english bible, free,. […]

  5. sundaram says:

    thank u god

  6. G Koteswararao says:


  7. paul paul says:

    good for spiritual life.

  8. ezrapaul says:

    word of god always needful.

  9. ezrapaul says:

    word of god always need.

  10. sridhar says:

    Bible is the only way to heaven Through Jesus Christ. Amen……

  11. Peterson says:

    The site is really a wonderful handiwork of HIS Saints.This site is not a commercial one but unites all faithful believers on net .God bless this team abundantly in all spheres

  12. ramana kancharapu says:

    bible is the reality ,it is not a religion book ,this is the gods word

  13. ramana kancharapu says:

    bible is the manual of human life

  14. Rohit says:

    How can i contact Mr. Kishore Kumar Sarilla, pls help my number 8008551361

  15. premchand dulapalli says:

    bible is the word of god

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